Landscape with Figures

By Cecil Beaton


From September 14th
At the Olympia Theatre, Dublin
From 21st of September  (for one week)
At the Theatre Royale, Brighton
28th September at Grand Theatre, Wolverhampton
And also opened in Dublin (possibly also at Theatre Royale)

(cast list taken from a small low definition image of the program page)

(One of Gainsborough's Young Daughters)
Ann Firbank   
 (appears by arrange with the Associated British Pictures Corp)

(One of Gainsborough's Young Daughters)
Christine Finn

 Mona Washbourne

Luke General
Servant to the Gainsboroughs
Roy Patrick

Mr Christie  
A family friend and auctioneer by profession ... 
Ernest Clark

The Countess Of Codlingsan
Gladys Boot

Lord Philpot  
- her son 
William Russell

Emma Hurt 
Samantha Eggar

Dolly The Taff (?)- 
Demi-rep employed a the Temple of Health... 
Paddy Frost

Clara Hayward 
Demi-rep employed a the Temple of Health
Sheila Steafal

Alderman Sir Oliver Bundy - a rich brewer...

Mrs Gainsborough deals with 
Mary's (Christine Finn) hysterics
Photo taken from The Observer newspaper,
Sunday September 27th 1959

With Douglas Seale helming the director's seat who she had worked with before on numerous occasions, Christine Finn found herself a role in this play. Cecil Beaton wrote in his diaries about a number of events taking place within the play that met his dismay centering around the behaviour of the main actor, Sir Donald Wolfit who played Gainsborough, creating a lot of trouble and attempted to ruion other people's performances. Christine found that in once scene he gripped her arm so tightly that he bruised it. Cecil Beaton and Wolfit found themselves at war with one another. The play toured around Newcastle, Dublin, Brighton and closed in Wolverhampton.

Margaret and Mary Gainsborough 
(Ann Firbank and Christine Finn)
with Mrs Gainsborough (Mona Washington)
Photo taken from The Observer newspaper, 

Sunday September 27th 1959

“Thanks to Mr Beaton’s colourful setting and period costumes and to the playing of the entire cast, which included two very fine performances by Ann Firbank and Christine Finn, the landscape proved to be a very charming one” (p66, Threshold, By Mary O'Malley, Lyric Players Theatre, 1959


Actresses Ann Firbank (left) And Christine Finn Who 
Play The Daughters Of Artist Thomas Gainsborough
In A Play By Cecil Beaton. (source:

Sir Donald Wolfit as Of Artist Thomas Gainsborough with actresses Ann Firbank (lower right) and Christine Finn  (upper right) who play his Daughters  in the play Cecil Beaton (source:

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