Work 1960s

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From December 2nd 1959 until April 1960

Before Sunset
(Radio: BBC Home Service)
February 22nd, 21:15

Brief Is The Way 
(BBC Home Service Radio)
May 28th, 1960

The Thursday Play : A Stop On The Way
(Radio: BBC Home service)
September 8th, 20:00

The Importance of Being Earnest
From Monday , November 21st 1960 for 1 week



Theatre 70: THE INTRUDER

4th March, Sat 10:00 pm

Cottage For Sale

24th March

The Wrong Side Of The Park
(Radio: BBC World Service)
1 May, 20:30

Boyd Q.C.

Original Air Date: 31 May 1961 

Quiet Dinner With Lord Richborough
(BBC Home Service Radio)
5th June

The Sand Leopard
31st July.& repeated 18th September
One Eye Wild
(BBC Third Programme Radio)
2nd December 

Lucky Jim
(BBC Home Service Radio)
4th December


Friday, 27th, July

The Sudden Silence
Sunday, 2nd December, 21:00


For Tea On Sunday

Broadcast 17th March

Girl with a Difference
Broadcast on 14th May


from 1963 to 1964

The Lady and the Clerk

Broadcast June 30th

No Highway
(Radio: Home Service)

Broadcast 10th August, 20:30

The Gentle Avalanche
Opened November 12th

Landen Dinsdale and Christine Finn in rehearsals for The Gentle Avalanche, 11th November 1963


Woman In A Dressing Gown

Opened February 19th

Broadcast Sun 21 Jun 1964 10.5pm

The Protectors (Happy Is the Loser)
(TV Series)
played : Delores 

11 April 1964 



"Night Train to Surbiton"

"The Hidden Face" episode


"Gideon's Way"
The V Men

“My Father's Keeper”


"Dixon of Dock Green" TV series
episode "You can buy a miracle"
(BBC  One TV)
12th March

Job for a boy
(BBC Light Programme)
27th July

Thunderbirds TV series Episodes:14 - 25

Adam Adamant Lives

Thunderbirds TV series Episodes:26 - 31

Thunderbirds Are Go 

Image from the "Thunderbirds Are Go book" (1966)

One Eye Wild
(Radio: BBC Network 3 )
12th October 21:00


Personal Column
(Radio: BBC Light Program)
3rd April, 19:30

A Sort of SoufflĂ© 
 written by Peter Bryant, 
performed by Christine Finn with Peter Tuddenham  26th July

She Stoops to conquer
(BBC Home Service)
28th August 

Dr. Finlay's Casebook "The Emotional Factor"
First Aired: October 9th

Dr. Finlay's Casebook “Time Past: Time Future”
First Aired: October 23, 1967

October 11th -  7.30pm ..... £1 entrance fee

Dr. Finlay's Casebook : "Buy Now - Pay Later"
First Aired: October 30

That's Enough for the Present
(Radio: Radio 4)
20th December, 15:00


Easter Monday,  Apr 8th

La Veneziana
(BBC Radio 3)
9th April

"Detective": The Beast Must Die
21st June 1968

Thunderbird 6 (1968)


Dr. Finlay's Casebook
First Aired: August 31, 1969

Paul Temple
First Aired: 14 December 1969

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