Star Wars "Starkiller Hero"

leading from 

Christine Finn as Barbara Judd
in the Quatermass & The Pit BBC TV series

Hasbro toy company released in 2007 a star wars figure based on an unused concept design for a female version of Luke Skywalker. It's suggested that maybe the character would have been named Leia Starkiller and so is labelled as Starkiller Hero.

closeup (source: rebelscum forum)
Concept Starkiller Hero figure
Photograph of the Starkiller Hero figure 
taken by Dan Curto for the 
website. Click here to go to their website 
see more about this figure. Check out 
the discussion thread here at the Rebelscum forum

It's a female character with shortish sandy hair and the face does not particularly match Ralph McQuarrie's paintings in which the character appears, and some might agree that it looks a lot like Christine Finn as she was during the TV series “Quatermass And The Pit” in 1958 as far as Star Wars figures likenesses go. In 1959, Christine Finn played the role of Hippolito in “The Tempest”, which is the role of a young man traditionally played by a woman since the 18th century. The clothing that this final “Starkiller Hero” figure wears would not seem too far out of place in a Shakespeare play, but having said that, a good number of women have played male roles in Shakespeare plays and have played the role of Peter Pan in pantomimes. Another small note, Christine did briefly appear in one of film director Ken Annakin’s early movies “Value For Money” and he was the origin of the first name of Anakin Skywalker who in the Star Wars movies was to become Darth Vader and the father of Luke Skywalker

McQuarrie's female Luke Skywalker kneeling

Traces in Ralph McQuarrie's original face concept   
Ralph McQuarrie's concept artwork for the female version of a Luke Skywalker however doesn't resemble the Star wars figure as much as Christine Finn as Barbara Judd in the Quatermass and The Pit photo who of course looks very feminine. However Ralph McQuarrie in his concept attempted to make the character somewhat androgenous since it was a character that was originally supposed to be a male, actually the eyes look very much like Christine Finn's as seen in the photo from the British TV series "Gideon's Way" in 1965 several years after her appearance in Quatermass & The Pit, as well as having the general type of face that she had without expecting McQuarrie to had created an exact portrait of her. However McQuarrie did not have the opportunity to be asked about this issue publicly during his lifetime.
Ralph McQuarrie’s drawing for the concept 
design for the female version  of Luke 
Skywalker, which arguably takes inspiration 
from the facial features of Christine Finn.

Miss Finn as Barbarba Judd in the BBC TV 
series “Quatermass and The Pit”, 1958-1959

Miss Finn in an episode of the
1965 TV series “Gideon's Way

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