(performed with Tartuffe)

By Moliere

Freely adapted and directed by Miles Malleson,

Opened February the 11th 1959
and then  performed on March 31st, April 1st, 10th, 14th, 15th, 18th, 24th & 25th 1959
At The Old Vic Theatre

The Cast: 

Celie: a young girl
 Christine Finn

Gorgibus, Celie's father
Derek Francis
Celie's Old Nurse
Rosalind Atkinson

Sganarelle, a Parisian
Miles Malleson

Sganarelle's Wife
Pauline Jameson

Lelie, a young Parisian
Barrie Ingham
Lelie's Manservant
John Scarborough

Sganarelle (Pauline Jameson) looks out of her window and sees 
her husband (Miles Malleson) trying to revive the fainting Celie 
(Christine Finn)
"Miles Malleson, as well as directing, also plays the title role in Sganarelle, a trifle concerning mistaken identities and an old fool who believes himself to be a cuckold. As an actor Mr. Malleson has his own very recognisable mannerisms but his Sganarelle,  all gobbles and shudders, is a joy; pathetic as well as laughable, while the speech on " honour " is superbly done. Christine Finn makes a charmingly delicate Celie, Barrie Ingham is handsome and perplexed as Lelie, her lover, and there is a nice common- sense Nurse by Rosalind Atkinson."
(Theatre world - Volume 55 - Page 8)

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